“Your word is your bond. When you leave this earth, all you have is your name.”
-Alex Ratner, Ratner Property Management's Founder

Alex Ratner and his family migrated from New York to Southern California in 1916. With their pioneering spirit and strong community values, Alex and his family bought some land and opened a general store – and later a pharmacy - to serve the then small Sun Valley farming community. Alex’s son Maurice continued in his father’s footsteps, steadily growing the family business and property assets with the values his father taught him: Honesty, integrity, reliability, fairness and commitment, community, and strong relationships. Relationships are established with a handshake; contracts are only good for clarity. If someone couldn’t pay for their animal feed, a barter option was given.


While Ratner Property Management is always evolving to maintain a cutting-edge approach in today’s rapidly changing real estate world, Alex Ratner’s core values are the blood running through our veins. Joining the old with the new in this way, makes us a full-service property management company providing Southern California owners like you with Peace of Mind as your real estate concierge.

3rd party management with 1st party care.