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What are Ratner Property Management’s office hours?

Monday through Friday, 8:00am through 5:00pm.

What benefits does the online tenant portal provide?

Click here to see all the great conveniences your tenant portal has to offer.


Fix the problem now without delay – Basic repairs you can do:

My garbage disposal is not working, what do I do?

Click here for a simple how to video.

How do I unclog my toilet?

First, shut the water off at the angle stop located behind the toilet to prevent the toilet from overflowing. Next, remove any toilet paper or other objects that are visible in the toilet bowl. Lastly, use a plunger to clear the clog. Click here for a simple how to video.

How do I stop my toilet from running?

Try jiggling the toilet handle to remove a kink in the chain that raises the flapper, which would cause the flapper to not seat properly and the toilet to run.

My wall heater is not working. I’m freezing!!

Most common reason is the pilot light went out. Click here for a video on checking and lighting the pilot light on your wall heater.

My GFCI outlet isn’t working, how do I reset it?

Click here for a simple how to video.

Some of the outlets in my unit are not working. Help!

Click here for a video on checking and resetting the breakers. REMEMBER: Before switching the breakers on and off, make sure to power off and unplug TVs, computers, and other sensitive electronics.

Other maintenance questions:

I have a repair issue, how can I get it fixed?

For fastest response, submit your repair request via your tenant portal:
Click here to log in to your portal.

Who do I call for after hour emergencies?

Contact Jim at (818) 823-8402

What do I do if I smell gas?

Call So Cal Gas immediately at (800) 427-2200

I have a water leak! Help!!

If you’re able to locate the source of the leak, attempt to shut the water off to prevent damage. If the leak is coming from the unit above yours, make contact with the tenant and attempt to shut the water off. During regular business hours, contact our maintenance dept at (818) 767-4750. For after hour emergencies, contact Jim at (818) 823-8402.

What do I do if water is overflowing from my sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower?

Shut the water off immediately; you may need to shut off the angle stop, located under the sink, behind the toilet, or in a trap door near or behind your bathtub or shower. See “Fix the problem now…” section above for corrective action you can take. If you’re unable to correct the issue, contact our maintenance dept at (818) 767-4750 during regular business hours, or contact Jim at (818) 823-8402 for after hour emergencies.

Do I have to pay for the repair visit?

If the disrepair was caused by the tenant’s misuse – found to be beyond ordinary wear and tear, the tenant will be responsible for the repair cost. Garbage disposal repairs, clogged toilets and sinks, cracked window repair, replacement of damaged or missing window screens, and replacement of missing smoke or CO detectors are the most common items found to be the tenant’s responsibility.

Which items in my apartment should I replace?

Light bulbs, filters (i.e. air conditioner, appliance, stove hood, etc), and batteries (i.e. smoke and CO detector, door bells, etc) are the tenant’s responsibility to replace.

My air conditioner isn’t cooling my apartment down, is this normal?

If the air coming out of the vent is approx 15 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature, your air conditioner is functioning correctly. On hot days, your air conditioner may not be able to cool your apartment down to the same temperature as it will on an ordinary day; this is normal. Additionally, if the air conditioner has been off for a while, it is normal for the apartment to take a significant amount of time to cool down after the air conditioner is turned on. Before submitting a repair request, check the filter for cleanliness and replace or clean it if soiled.

How do I prevent mildew issues?

Ventilate bathroom and wipe down all surfaces (including walls and ceilings) regularly using antibacterial cleaner. Immediately report any discoloration that doesn’t easily wipe off with regular cleaning.

I lost money in the laundry machine, how do I get a refund?

If laundry company information is posted, please contact the laundry company directly. If not, please submit a repair request via your tenant portal: Click here to log in to your portal.


How do I pay my rent?

You can simply and easily pay your rent and set up automatic monthly payments via eCheck (100% free) or credit card (fee applies) through your tenant portal: Click here to log in to your portal.
You can also pay your rent by Electronic Cash Payment (a transaction fee applies; $1,500 maximum per transaction). We will provide you with a reusable PaySlip that you can use at 7-Eleven, CVS, Ace Cash Express, or Casey’s General Store to pay your rent in cash. To request a reusable PaySlip, click here to email our accounting dept.

How do I get a copy of my tenant ledger or payment history?

You can access your tenant ledger easily and quickly via your tenant portal. Click here to log in to your portal.

I vacated, when will I receive my security deposit refund?

The security deposit itemization and refund are issued and mailed within 21 days of the day you vacate. If you haven’t received your deposit within a reasonable amount of time thereafter, please call our accounting dept.

I will be vacating in the middle of the month, how much rent should I pay?

Please contact our leasing dept to find out your prorated rent amount.


Future Tenants:

How can I apply?

Click here for your simple step-by-step application.

What do I need to qualify (income level, credit level, cosigner requirements, etc) and what do I need to provide in the application?

Click here to view our rental qualifications.

Will I have to pay pet rent?


Current Tenants:

How do I give notice to vacate and what should I include in my notice?

Submit your signed written notice via email (as an attachment) or by mail. If mailing, send to:
Ratner Property Management, Inc
4181 Sunswept Drive
First Floor
Studio City, CA 91604.
Your notice should include:

Can I add a roommate and what is the process?

Yes, in most circumstances. Your roommate would need to submit an application and qualify, per our rental qualifications. Please keep in mind that adding a roommate may be subject to an associated rent increase.

I need to break my lease, what are my options?