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Established in 1916, Ratner Property Management has cultivated a legacy of excellence, becoming a steadfast ally for property owners across Southern California.

Over the span of a century, the company has not only weathered the test of time but has emerged as a beacon of reliability, rooted in a foundation of unwavering values and a commitment to progressive innovation.

Founded by the visionary Alex Ratner, the company's inception was marked not only by a passion for real estate but by a profound understanding that successful property management transcends mere transactional duties.

Alex Ratner laid the cornerstone of a company that would stand the test of time, passing down a legacy that now extends through four generations of Ratner family stewardship.

At the heart of Ratner Property Management lies a rich tapestry of values—values that have been meticulously woven into the fabric of the company's culture.

Uncompromising honesty, steadfast reliability, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction were the pillars upon which Alex Ratner built the foundation of this esteemed organization.

These values, etched into the company's DNA, have not only withstood the passage of time but have also become the guiding light for every member of the Ratner team.

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In a world where trends come and go, Ratner Property Management remains a steadfast custodian of traditions.

The enduring legacy of these values has fostered a culture of integrity and accountability, setting Ratner apart as not just a property management entity but as a trusted partner invested in the prosperity of property owners.


Our Property Management Services

1. Property Marketing

Ratner Property Management recognizes that vacant properties can significantly impact your Return on Investment (ROI).

With a strategic understanding of this challenge, Ratner employs a cutting-edge property marketing strategy designed to swiftly turn vacancies into opportunities.

Thirty days before a tenant vacates, Ratner takes a proactive approach, initiating turnover repairs and cleaning to prepare the property for the market.

This ensures that the property is in optimal condition, attracting potential tenants from the moment it becomes available.

Ratner's marketing strategy is meticulous and well-crafted. It involves creating compelling listings with attractive incentives that go beyond the ordinary.

The promotion is widespread, utilizing online platforms, social media, building signs, and print ads to reach the ideal audience within an impressive 15-day timeframe.

2. Tenant Screening

Recognizing that tenant selection is pivotal for a property's success, Ratner employs a comprehensive 3-phase screening process to ensure only the highest-quality tenants:

Credit and Criminal History: This step ensures the tenant's financial stability and assesses the risk level.
Income Verification: Ratner validates consistent and sufficient income, providing insight into the tenant's financial reliability.
Tenant Interview: Going beyond numbers, this phase aims to find the perfect fit for your community, ensuring that tenants not only fulfill lease terms but also contribute positively to the overall property ambiance.


Ratner tenants are not merely occupants; they are carefully selected to contribute positively to the community.

Their commitment to fulfilling lease terms, coupled with a genuine care for the property, enhances the overall living experience for all residents.

3. Property Maintenance

Ratner Property Management treats every dollar spent on maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements as a strategic investment. Their multi-tiered focus is aimed at maximizing the value derived from each expenditure.

Comprehensive Strategies:

Preferred Vendor Program: This program ensures not only the highest level of service and product but also the best price, maximizing the return on maintenance investments.
Regular Property Visits: Proactive maintenance involves regular property visits to identify and address issues before they escalate, saving both time and money.
Preventative Maintenance Program: Extending the lifespan of property systems and apparatus ensures long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Cost-Saving Strategies: Ratner explores energy efficiency and water-saving retrofits, redirecting wasteful spending into value-add investments that guarantee a better long-term ROI and increased asset value.

4. Financial Reporting

Ratner understands the importance of clear communication in property management. Receive concise monthly reports that provide essential information without unnecessary details.

With a single point of contact, your designated manager takes ownership of all operational matters, ensuring a streamlined and efficient relationship.

Say goodbye to sifting through vague information. Ratner's commitment to clarity ensures that you have a transparent understanding of your property's performance, financial standing, and any necessary actions to be taken.


5. Rent Collection

Ratner Property Management acknowledges the stress associated with rent collection. Their approach focuses on making the process seamless and stress-free for property owners.

Utilizing a secure and user-friendly tenant portal, Ratner ensures that rent collection is convenient and efficient.

The portal provides transparency and ease of access, allowing property owners to keep their finger on the pulse of rent collection.

Ratner emphasizes cultivating strong tenant relationships, contributing to an industry-leading rent collection rate.

Clear and fair rent payment and collection policies set the right expectations, ensuring timely communication and smooth transactions.

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About Hollywood, CA

Hollywood stands as the symbolic epicenter of the global entertainment industry.

Renowned for its iconic Hollywood Sign perched on the Santa Monica Mountains, this neighborhood has become synonymous with glamor, fame, and the magic of the silver screen.

Hollywood Boulevard, adorned with the legendary Walk of Fame, draws visitors from around the world who come to admire the stars dedicated to luminaries of the entertainment world.

Beyond the glittering façade, Hollywood boasts historic theaters like the TCL Chinese Theatre, where movie premieres have been held for decades. The Dolby Theatre, home to the Academy Awards ceremonies, adds to the neighborhood's prestige.

The Hollywood Hills provide stunning panoramic views of the city, while Runyon Canyon offers a natural escape for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hollywood's cultural richness extends to the diverse array of dining, shopping, and nightlife options. The iconic Sunset Strip, with its legendary music venues, contributes to the area's vibrant and ever-evolving cultural scene.

From the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to the Hollywood Museum, every corner tells a tale of the entertainment industry's evolution.

Whether strolling along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, exploring the Hollywood Hills, or experiencing the excitement of a film premiere, Hollywood captures the essence of dreams and aspirations.

It is a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of cinematic history and contemporary glamor.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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