Why entrust your property to Ratner Property Management?

To provide you with the peace of mind you deserve, your management company must be more than just trustworthy and competent. They must be better today than they were 6 months ago, and better in 6 months than they are today.


Welcome to Ratner Property Management, your real estate concierge, providing 3rd party management with 1st party care.

Ratner Property Management has been serving property owners in Southern California since 1916. Our core values of uncompromising honesty, reliability, and commitment - established by our pioneering founder Alex Ratner - have guided us through 4 generations of Ratner family continuity. These values and the knowledge and experience passed down 100 years are at the center of everything we do, and the beacon that guide our entire management team and approach. Our management team stands out more for their caring, considerate, and hand-shake style, than for their thoughtfulness and stellar professionalism.

Your peace of mind isn't just in knowing that the management burden is being carried by a trustworthy and competent company. It's in knowing that your management company is always looking to get better. Our culture of experimentation, combines with our commitment to investing in customer service, the property, technology, geographic management, alignment of interest, and creative marketing, to keep us on the cutting edge of the property management world. We strive constantly to find just the right balance of efficiency of process and procedure, of industry leading tools and resources, and of a caring and competent team. When this balance is attained, we achieve unrivaled success.


  • Maximizing your ROI, and meeting your real estate goals.
  • A stress-free ownership experience.
  • Knowing your tenants and your property are both in the best care.

Still not sure? Here are some of the ways Ratner Property Management cares for your Southern California rentals:


1. Rent your vacancies FAST, to the RIGHT TENANT, for the RIGHT PRICE

One of the biggest ROI killers is an unrented vacancy. We get your vacancies turned over and back on the market superfast. And we regularly get your vacancy rented in less than 15 days on the market. Our marketing strategy and approach and our 3 phase screening process attracts the right tenants and gets you top rent.

three people sitting at a table having a professional meeting, two of them are shaking hands

30 days before a tenant vacates, we get right to work to ensure the turnover repairs and cleaning are cued up.

Then we waste no time creating the right marketing strategy, and putting together the perfect listing featuring the right combination of tenant benefits, community features, photos and video, promotional incentives, and all the other attractive elements that speak to the heart of your ideal tenant. Without delay, we get the word out to all the right places - online, social media, building signs, and/or print ads - to put your vacant unit in front of the tenants you want.

Lastly, our expert managers use a 3-phase screening process to ensure we sign a high benefit low risk tenant.

  1. Credit and criminal history
  2. Income verification
  3. Tenant interview

Good credit and sufficient and consistent income tell us that a tenant is financially stable and very low risk. But it's the tenant interview that tells us what we really want to know; that they'll be a perfect fit for you and your community. Ratner tenants not only pay on time and abide by their lease terms, they care about your property and enhance the community they are a part of.

2. ON TIME rent payments and adding revenue new revenue

Your finger is always on the pulse of your rent collection, because you know that a lax or ineffective approach to collecting your rent is another ROI killer. This is one of the most stressful elements of property ownership. Your peace of mind is heavily dependent on the assurance your management company provides you, and knowing that your rent is being collected on time and in full is so important.

The convenience of our secure and user-friendly tenant portal, together with our focus on cultivation string tenant relationships, yields an industry leading rent collection rate. Our clear and fair rent payment and collection policy sets the right expectation so tenants understand their responsibility and communicate timely.

On top of that, Ratner managers look for additional revenue streams. Can we rent out parking spaces or charge a pet rent instead of a pet deposit? Can your tenants reimburse you for the cost of utilities? Can we install electric vehicle chargers and collect usage fees? These are just a few questions Ratner managers will ask

3. Get the BEST VALUE for the money you spend on maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements

Parting with your hard-earned money is never easy. That’s why Ratner managers treat every dollar they spend as an investment back into the asset. Our multi-tiered focus ensure you always get the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Our PREFERRED VENDOR PROGRAM champions value by demanding both the highest level of service and product and the best price.
  • We VISIT YOUR PROPERTIES regularly, maintaining a proactive approach to ensure that we catch problems before they become bigger and more costly.
  • The goal of our robust and comprehensive PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM is to get the maximum life span for all of your properties systems and apparatus.
  • Formulating the optimum routine maintenance schedule for landscaping, cleaning, pest control, and other necessary services keeps your property operating and looking its best without breaking the bank.
  • Ratner managers play the long game and look to enact cost savings strategies like energy efficiency and water savings retrofits to redirect wasteful spending into value-add investment. This focus guarantees a better long ROI and increased asset value.

4. Reports and communication that provide you with CLARITY.

Sick and tired of reading through pages and pages of vague information and useless numbers? Our concise monthly reports are designed to provide you with only the information you want and nothing you don’t need.

close up of hands typing on a laptop

Alongside your monthly report, you’ll really enjoy our single point of contact communications. Your designated manager takes ownership of and cultivates all relationships (tenant, property, vendors, and owner) that are needed to get the highest ROI for your asset. For all things operational, your manager is married to you.

Clarity. No confusions.

5. Eliminate your distractions and reclaim your time.

You’re tired of the maintenance call disrupting your busy work schedule, not allowing you to be fully invested in growing your business. Having to chase tenants down to collect their late rent is stressing you out. The legwork you put in to ensure you’re selecting the best vendor for that plumbing repair takes up too much of your time. The unpredictability of managing the day-to-day needs of your property is preventing you from embracing the next phase of your life. You can’t take that needed vacation, you’re unable to spend quality time with your family, and your ambitious career goals are fading and becoming more distant with every passing day.

You need Ratner Property Management’s proven track record and winning approach so you can take back control of your time and energy, and regain focus on the important things.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to provide property management services in Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Valley Village, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Sun Valley, Sunland, Encino, Tarzana, Hollywood, West LA, Westwood, Century City, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Culver City, and Universal City.

So Why Hire Us

Simply put, you'll enjoy your ownership experience knowing that your investment and your tenants are in the best care. Because we pair integrity and reliability with a cutting edge approach, you can sit back and relax.

3rd party management with 1st party care.

Call today to find out how we can help you meet your real estate goals with maximum peace of mind.
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