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Introducing Ratner Property Management, a legacy spanning over a century in Southern California's real estate landscape.

Since 1916, we've been the trusted guardians of property owners' investments, upholding the unwavering values instilled by our pioneering founder, Alex Ratner.

Our commitment to uncompromising honesty, reliability, and dedication has transcended four generations, shaping a management ethos centered on integrity and continuity.

At Ratner Property Management, we distinguish ourselves not only through our time-tested values but also through our unique approach.

Our management team embodies a culture of warmth and consideration, fostering relationships built on trust and goodwill.

Our handshake-style ethos is complemented by a deep-rooted professionalism, ensuring that every interaction with our clients is marked by care and competence.

What sets us apart is our cutting-edge approach to property management, where continual improvement is the hallmark of our service.

We thrive on innovation, constantly refining our strategies to enhance customer service, leverage technology, and optimize property performance.

Our commitment to experimentation enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry, striking the perfect balance between efficiency, expertise, and empathy.

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Our Property Management Services

Property Marketing

At Ratner Property Management, we approach property marketing with a blend of traditional methods and innovative strategies tailored to maximize exposure and attract the right tenants for your Sunland, CA rental property.


High-quality visuals are essential for making a strong impression in today's digital landscape. We invest in professional photography and cutting-edge virtual tour technology to showcase your property in the best possible light.

Stunning visuals not only attract more prospective tenants but also expedite the leasing process by providing an immersive experience.

We understand that prompt and personalized communication is key to nurturing leads and converting them into tenants. Our team is readily available to respond to inquiries, schedule showings, and address any concerns prospective tenants may have.

By providing exceptional customer service throughout the leasing process, we create a positive impression and build trust with potential renters.

We believe in continuously refining our marketing strategies based on real-time feedback and data analysis. By closely monitoring the performance of our marketing campaigns, we identify areas for improvement and implement adjustments to optimize results.

This iterative approach ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a crucial step in the rental process, and at Ratner Property Management, we prioritize thoroughness, fairness, and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

We start by requiring prospective tenants to complete a detailed rental application. This application collects essential information such as employment history, income verification, rental history, credit history, and references.

By gathering comprehensive data upfront, we gain insight into each applicant's financial stability, rental track record, and suitability for the property.


Our tenant screening process is conducted in a fair, transparent, and consistent manner, free from discrimination or bias.

We adhere strictly to fair housing laws and regulations, treating all applicants equally regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

Rent Collection

We start by establishing clear rent payment policies that outline the amount due, the due date, accepted payment methods, and any late fees or penalties.

These policies are communicated to tenants upfront and included in the lease agreement to ensure mutual understanding and compliance.

To minimize late payments and streamline the rent collection process, we utilize automated rent reminder systems.

These systems send proactive reminders to tenants via email, text message, or app notifications, reminding them of upcoming rent due dates and providing instructions on how to submit payments.

If a tenant's rent payment is overdue, our team initiates consistent follow-up procedures to address the situation promptly.

This may involve contacting the tenant via phone, email, or written notice to remind them of the outstanding payment, inquire about any challenges they may be facing, and work together to find a resolution.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is essential for preserving the value of your investment and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

At Ratner Property Management, we approach property maintenance with a proactive, responsive, and cost-effective strategy tailored to meet the unique needs of your Sunland, CA rental property.


By identifying and addressing maintenance issues promptly, we prevent minor problems from escalating into costly repairs.

We maintain open lines of communication with tenants and encourage them to report any maintenance issues promptly. Our team responds to maintenance requests promptly, acknowledging receipt of the request and providing an estimated timeline for resolution.

We prioritize urgent issues that affect tenant safety or property integrity, ensuring swift resolution.

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About Sunland, CA

Sunland is a charming neighborhood located in the northeastern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California.

Sunland is known for its picturesque surroundings, nestled against the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Residents enjoy stunning views of the mountains and easy access to outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking trails, parks, and golf courses.

Sunland appeals to families seeking a peaceful and safe environment to raise children. The neighborhood boasts excellent public schools, parks, and community centers, providing ample opportunities for recreation and family-friendly activities.

While Sunland maintains a tranquil atmosphere, it also offers convenient access to a range of amenities and services. Residents can find shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes within close proximity, ensuring that daily needs are easily met.

Nature enthusiasts are drawn to Sunland's proximity to outdoor recreational destinations such as Angeles National Forest and Hansen Dam Recreation Area.

These natural areas offer opportunities for hiking, biking, picnicking, fishing, and wildlife observation, allowing residents to connect with nature without venturing far from home.

Despite its suburban feel, Sunland offers convenient access to major transportation arteries, including the 210 and 118 freeways, facilitating commuting to other parts of Los Angeles County.

Additionally, nearby public transit options provide connectivity to neighboring communities and downtown Los Angeles.

Overall, Sunland, CA, offers a blend of natural beauty, residential charm, and community amenities, making it an appealing place to live for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat within the bustling city of Los Angeles.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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