I really want to compliment the management. I lived in their building for a year and sadly, I had to move out but I had only the very best experience living there because of this amazing management. Memem & Yehuda are just amazing. They helped me so much whenever I needed, always respectful, responsive and quick acting. Highest recommendations to rent their properties because the management is amazing.

Simona M.

We have lived in a building managed by Ratner for 11 years (managed by them for the last 9). We have had nothing but positive experiences with all we have interacted with, including management and the maintenance team. I think my husband best describes it in a letter he wrote to them: "Big thank you for the personal care you provide daily, weekly, monthly, and over the many years we've rented from you. It's typically a cold and impersonable relationship between renter and management, and we recognize how special it is to have a company like you working with us."

Ann M.

I rented a unit in West Hollywood managed by Ratner and I have nothing but positive things to say! Any and every time I wrote to them (whether it was a maintenance request or just a simple question), they responded the same day and were always quick to get things in the apartment fixed. They were also always making updates to the building to improve quality. I had to move out because it was more affordable for me to have a roommate, otherwise I would have stayed in the apartment for much longer. I was concerned at first because I checked the yelp and saw the negative reviews, but I really had only positive experiences with the company.

Adina L.

I was fortunate to find an apartment with Ratner property in Santa Monica. My daughter was able to go to great schools in the area and we stayed in the apartment for 5 years. I always had a good relationship with Ari and contacted him whenever I needed anything. The price of the apartment was also very reasonable for Santa Monica.

Emily B.

I've been living in a building managed by this company for about 6 months and so far it's all been good. The application process was quick and easy, and they were willing to compromise with us on the move-in dates. The apartment was fully cleaned with new carpet when we moved in, and we did a walk-through with Yehuda so he could note any existing damages and anything that needed to be fixed. The necessary repairs were done promptly and professionally. Whenever we have needed maintenance, it's been easy to make a request through the website, and we've been helped quickly. All of my interactions with the office have been positive, and we've been given adequate notice anytime maintenance has been done on the building.

Sarah K.

Ari, thanks for going above and beyond to help me feel comfortable in my new home! I appreciate your compassion and interest in people as individuals. You're a rockstar, thank you!

Shannon M.

We've lived on one of their Riverside Drive properties for seven years and have been very pleased with our experience. The maintenance staff have always been so kind and helpful, as are the housekeeping staff. I've been extremely happy with our current manager, who has been great about keeping us informed about various service and maintenance issues. I've met one of the building owners twice and he was so lovely and warm. Yes, property management has to do a job -- we get rent increases and pet deposits like everyone else and sure, parting with money stings. But overall I've felt like management and owners here have been responsive with regard to maintenance issues and the matters related to keeping us safe and comfortable in our housing. When we've had to submit requests or concerns we've gotten generally speedy responses. I think they maintain a good balance between running the business (this isn't a non-profit, after all) and creating a hospitable residence. We are grateful for our positive experience here.

Patricia B.

Could not be happier with this property management company and How they have handled business with me moving into my new apartment. Josh the leasing manager has helped me every step of the way and Christopher has gone above and beyond what I am used to in a manager. Highly recommend this company.

Michelle E.